Accueil The history of the Tour in Troyes 1987 – The brothers Simon at home

1987 – The brothers Simon at home

The 1987 Tour openned with Zoetemelk and Hinault retired, convalescent Lemond, and Fignon lessened. L’Équipe (a french sports newspaper) made the aubois, Pascal Simon, a pretender to the podium.
Switzerland’s Eric Maechler was the leader on the morning of 7th July as the pack of 199 riders was set to compete for the 211 kilometers between Epinal and Troyes.
Le Chaumontais Régis Clère escaped and took the lead in Colombey-les-deux-Églises with more than 8 minutes ahead. A group of pursuers led by Laurent Fignon and the brothers Simon went on a hunt. But at Dolancourt, the pack was catching up with the breakaway.
On the roads of Aube, each attempt of the Simon was followed by a cons of the pack. Two kilometers from Troyes, a fall came to split the peloton. Pascal and Jérôme Simon then lost the lead.
A grouped bunch appeared at the entrance of the Boulevard du 14 Juillet. Wojtinek (Z), nevertheless well placed under the red flame, was locked up. Bontempi ruled the sprint Dominguez and Van Poppel. Sean Kelly finished 5th. Bontempi, endorsed the green jersey but will be tested positive to testosterone and decommissioned. The Simon brothers displayed a legitimate disappointment.
Former national team manager ,Marcel Bidot, was present in the spectators’ ranks and came to greet his friend Jacques Goddet, director of the Tour de France since 1936. Bidot commented: “This arrival in Troyes gives me a great Joy and great satisfaction … “.
On the 8th of July, at the start of the Troyes-Epinay-sous-Sénart stage, Troyens are still numerous on the outskirts of the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville for the ceremonies. Robert Galley offered to the yellow jersey his weight in champagne. The brothers Simon enjoyed an “exit ticket” and advance the pack for crossing Mesnil-Saint-Loup.